The John Lennon Education Tour Bus

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The Staff

Staff Bios

Brian Rothschild Executive Director

Brian grew up listening to the great harpsichord and piano music of the 18th and 19th century.  His mother was a concert pianist who started giving him lessons at the age of 4.  By 15 he was accompanying choral groups and at age 16 played the celeste with the Hartford Symphony for the Hartford Ballet’s production of the Nutcracker.  After that, he began writing music and songs, and eventually was signed as an artist with Columbia Records under the name Iam Siam.  In 1998, along with music manager David Sonenberg, Brian created the first version of the Lennon Bus and has since devoted his time to expanding the project around the world.

Hometown - New York, New York
Nickname - Bchild
Fav Food - Katz’s Delicatessen
Fav/Band Artist - John Lennon, Elvis Costello, Ann Margret


Jeff Sobel Creative Technology Director

Jeff’s interest in audio production was born while he was still in high school, a period during which he repeatedly snuck into a bar to see area band Uncle Tupelo play—hiding by the sound board to avoid security with the help of the sound engineer and watching him mix the band. Jeff went on to produce several albums for indie artists and worked as both a house and touring live sound engineer before joining the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus in 2002 as an on-board engineer. After 3 years touring continuously with the Bus, producing original content with students every day, he directed a complete redesign of the Lennon Bus studios, the evolution of which he had been guiding during his tenure as onboard engineer. In 2007, Jeff designed the all new John Lennon Bus, creating an environment and system design ideally suited to the Bus’ unique mission, and led the construction and integration teams.  Jeff then designed Lennon Bus Europe, an entirely custom created vehicle launched in Liverpool in 2013. Jeff handled international project management to bring the vision of the EU Bus to life. Jeff manages the Lennon Bus studios, directing its technical vision as well as shepherding its daily well-being while training and supporting its onboard engineers.  He is focused on developing programs and integrating solutions that enhance the Bus’s capabilities, its staff’s processes, and its participants’ experience above all.
Jeff lives in Los Angeles and travels often. He spends his time supporting causes he believes in.

Hometown – Missouri
Nickname – Jeffro
Fav Food – Vegan
Fav Band/Artist – Typhoon, Frightened Rabbit, Neutral Milk Hotel, Uncle Tupelo
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Jaime Walden Executive Vice President

Jaime Walden received her MBA specializing in International Management from Northeastern University and a BA in Music from Baruch College.  She began singing, playing guitar, and writing songs at the young age of six years old in Florida.  Her passion for live music led her to New York City, where she began working in production and talent booking for several music venues.  In her tenth year with the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, Jaime focuses on expanding the Lennon Bus’ mission globally and oversees international operations, development, and programming for the organization.

Hometown - Deerfield Beach, FL
Nickname - Mama
Fav Food - sweet potato fries
Fav Band/Artist - Jeff Buckley, The Beatles, Dion & The Belmonts, Tom Petty, hipster “The” bands, Lights Resolve
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Matthew Reich Vice President, U.S. Tours and Promotions

Matthew Reich has been heavily involved in music and the creative process since his early childhood. From leading the high school marching band and performing in the philharmonic to touring internationally with his own bands, he has gained great real life knowledge of the music industry coupled with his BA in Music Business from Baruch College. He is currently also a songwriter/artist signed to Kobalt Music Publishing. As the Vice President, U.S. Tours & Promotions he oversees the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus in the United States.

Hometown - Lawrence, NY
Nickname - Mattjew
Fav Food - Burritos
Fav Band/Artist - U2, Phantom Planet, NIN, Future of the Left, Radiohead, Jaime Walden, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Interpol


Gabe Smith Onboard Engineer

Gabe grew up in Waterford, MI in a very musical family. He always loved music and decided to pursue it as a career. After graduating from the University of Michigan’s Sound Engineering program, he moved to Los Angeles to find a job in the music industry. After a year and a half of doing live sound and various other jobs in the entertainment industry, Gabe was taken on by the Lennon Bus. He plays guitar and piano and enjoys sunsets on the beach. Also his dog’s name is Rocky.

Hometown - Waterford, MI
Nickname - Sarkis
Fav Food - Salt and Pepper Pistachios
Fav Band/Artist - Vulfpeck


Luke Huisman Onboard Engineer

Luke Huisman started playing drums in the fourth grade and didn’t realize how music would completely change his life. He continued with music throughout high school in marching band and into college for his Bachelor’s in Music Industry. He still plays drums but spends the majority of his time engineering.

Hometown - Chino, CA
Nickname - Skywalker
Fav Food - Tacos
Fav Band/Artist - Thrice, U2, John Mayer, Gary Clark Jr, Defeater, and Underoath.


Steven Meloney Onboard Engineer

Music Producer and Audio Engineer Steven Meloney has been making records for more than a decade. His musical career began at the young age of thirteen when his parents gifted him his first guitar. At fifteen, he already knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Steven began learning about sound volunteering for local music clubs, playing in bands, and experimenting with digital audio software at home. He immersed himself in the industry. He pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Technology with an emphasis on Recording Arts, and graduated from California State University, Chico at the top of his class. Since then Steven has worked with numerous artists, recording studios, music venues, and production houses, honing and expanding his skills in audio and multimedia production. In addition to his passion for audio production, Steven is an avid adventurer and enjoys rock climbing and wilderness travel.

“Music is simply the rhythm of our souls.”

Hometown - Napa, CA
Nickname - Shredder
Favorite Food - Sushi
Favorite Band/Artist - Periphery, Kings of Leon, Washed Out, Daft Punk


Chris Walker Driver

Chris has been a professional driver since the age of 19, beginning with cross-country truck driving.  After years on the road, Chris left driving to work in the music industry, starting as an intern at Motown Records and eventually become a tour and production manager for the label. Having worked with Motown for 7 years, Chris returned to the road to drive coaches for some of the biggest names in music.  Nearly a decade and a half later, Chris crossed paths with the Lennon Bus and came on board as its full-time driver.  Chris is the perfect fit for the unique needs of the Bus and its crew and loves being a part of this amazing program.

Hometown - Washington DC
Nickname - Cwalk
Fav Food - Cajun
Fav Band - Led Zeppelin